Shooting short documentary, ‘Disconnected’ on location in Blackpool, UK.


Alice Aedy is a 25 year-old documentary photographer and film-maker and activist published in The Times, Vice, The Guardian, Huck Magazine, Suitcase Magazine, Al Jazeera, Monocle, Smith Journal, BBC and many more. Alice graduated with a degree in History and Politics from LSE in 2015 and spent much of 2016/17 on the front-lines of the European refugee crisis, reporting from inside refugee camps in Greece, Serbia and France. Her focus is on migration, women’s rights and environmental issues, with recent assignments to Iran, Somaliland to cover the drought and Kiribati to document rising sea levels.

The Guardian has featured a profile of Alice as a young photojournalist and her photo of a young Syrian refugee appeared on the publication’s front-page,  for the most successful fundraising campaign for child refugees in The Guardian’s history. She also produced a documentary, ‘Frozen Out’ on migrants in Serbia for The Guardian.

Alice’s work has been exhibited in London including at Somerset House and she recently completed an MA in documentary film-making at UCL. This year Alice was featured on The Sunday Times Alternative Rich List which recognises values such as courage, wisdom, creativity or perseverance.





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